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NaPoWriMo #15

I felt kind of uninspired for a few days, and that caused the quality of my poems, and then the poems themselves, to taper off, but I’m back and feeling… pretty great, really. As of right now I have written 49 poems about runes and tarot cards. Only 47 left to write this month!  

In a way this was a tricky National Poetry Month challenge to take, and not just because it requires me to write 96 poems in 30 days. Sometimes I’ll come across a rune or tarot card that I’m just not feeling. Either the concept doesn’t mesh with what I care about, or it overlaps too much with another card for me to have a good idea of what to write. The latter problem especially drives me crazy because I like things in my life to be logical and easily categorized, even, it seems, when it comes to magic. 

The flip side is that the prompt of the rune or tarot card can take me to a place I never would have thought of. Classical and literary allusions are pretty common for me, but without the prompt of Gebo I would have never written a poem about various ambiguous and thought provoking gifts I’d been given (I’m actually really looking forward to editing and lengthening that one).  

How is your NaPoWriMo going? Come across any gems, from your own mind or from the minds of others?

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