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I had a useless, restless day

so I decided to do something to fix my mood before I had a useless, restless night. 

Step 1: Tarot in the front yard

Step 2: Walking to a pretty and completely empty vista, finding a cool stick, and dancing around with it.

Step 3: Walking the labyrinth at a nearby Catholic church.

Step 4: Finding a cool horse statue in a free bin on the side of the road.

Step 5: Taking off my bra and telling the internet about my day. 


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this is an excuse to wax nostalgic

Seven years ago I was anxiously awaiting my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’d gone with two friends to the release party the night before. Someone painted a snake on my face and we sat in the stacks of Barnes & Noble and talked about our freshman experiences. At midnight they got their books, but I’d already stupidly ordered my copy from Amazon. Bad choice. I’d already seen a spoiler about Molly killing Bellatrix, but I didn’t believe it, mostly because I didn’t think Mrs. Weasley was capable of calling someone a bitch. So I stayed away from the internet and waited out on my parents’ front lawn and ran to the street every time I heard a car. The mail came at 1 in the afternoon and I was done by dusk. This is what I remember.

According to my Facebook post (made on July 21st, 2007, mind you) I “finished with HP, 12 hours after buying it.” Which suggests I bought it at the release party and everything I remember is about the previous book. Except that part about the spoiler I saw, that’s rather specific to the book.


I went far back on my Facebook timeline to verify this stuff. I really thought my memory was better, but I discovered that I was way more active online than I remember being. I’m no longer in touch with more than half the people who I apparently corresponded with regularly. Anyway, here are some of the post I found on my wall about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

From C.O.  — Kelsea Hume we need to have an HP talk. Are you going to the Lakefair fireworks tonight? You can meet me, L and others at Thriftway at 8 if you’re interested!

From K.L. — I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!! The second I’m back in Cairo, I’ve got it. My copy is reserved at AUC bookstore! I can’t wait to get into it, but after it’s done, my childhood is officially over…. :(

From B.G — AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I finally finished harry potter!!!!!!! i know, the epilogue was cheesy, but i liked it anyways. the book was amazingly awesome!!

From J.J. — random question, what’s happened with you know who since you know when…and if you don’t know the you know’s then message me…but i’m sure you know… (Note: I’m not sure if this was about HP or my love life at the time)

So thank you, J. K. Rowling, for giving us a nearly universal conversation topic. I don’t know how I would have survived being social if it were not for my ability to discuss (with practically anyone) the merits of various Hogwarts houses, time-traveling Ron theories, and the disgraceful state of innovation in the wizarding world.

And happy end of childhood anniversary everyone. A whole new generation has gone to Hogwarts since we left.

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